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    [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2


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    [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2

    Mensagem por Mata_Vacas em Qua Out 16, 2013 8:04 pm

    Hey guys,

    Today I'd like to present our new project Cryhax Engine.

    -Speed Shot
    -Speed Hack
    -Wall radar
    -Capture the Battery
    -Unlimited ammo
    -Super bazooka
    -Anti-kick(nextgen :3)
    -Server crasher(nextgen :3)
    -Player crash(nextgen :3)
    -Lobby crasher(nextgen :3)
    -Room crasher(nextgen :3)
    -Room hack/ No score limit
    -Room hack / No time limit
    -Room hack / No player limit
    -Room hack / Instand end
    -Room hack / No point limit
    -Cheat Engine bypass
    -Autoit bypass
    -WPE Pro bypass
    -Ollydbg bypass
    -Anti-memory detection
    -Trainer Bypass
    -Anti-DC(by XTrap)
    -Anti-RelogBann(by XTrap).
    -RoomTool / Set Points
    -RoomTool / Set Player
    -RoomTool / Set Time
    -RoomTool / Set Rounds
    -Anti-Bann(nextgen modified client :3)
    -Anti-Chatblock(nextgen :3)
    -Trigger / Sniper
    -Trigger / Shotgun
    -Trigger / Riffle

    Operating system compatibility
    - Win XP 32/64 Bit
    - Win 2000 32/64 Bit
    - Win Vista 32/64 Bit
    - Win 7 32/64 Bit
    - Win 8 32/64 Bit

    1.Run Cryhax launcher as Admin.
    2.Register & Login.
    3.Select cHax(Cryhax Engine) or cBypass(XTrap Bypass).
    4.Click start
    5.Start Microvolts
    6.Have fun!

    You navigate by pressing your arrows on your keyboard:
    -> = Enable
    <- = Disable

    -fixed crash on cBypass.
    -fixed XTrap bug on cHax.
    -fixed unlimited ammo reload bug with another Hacks.
    -fixed XTrap Bypass.
    -fixed XTrap Bypass again.
    -Disabled VIP Version.
    -Added Boss hack.
    -Enabled VIP Version(2 Days).
    -Disabled VIP Version for some hours.
    -Removed Boss hack
    -Added MsgRisk(cBypass, cHax)
    -Added cRoom
    -Enabled Free-VIP.
    -Fixed Launcher Remember bug.
    -Fixed cRoom crash.
    -Uploaded Version 2.0.
    -fixxed Free-VIP bug.
    -Reuploaded Version 2.0.
    -Added Triggerbot(Sniper).
    -Added Triggerbot(Riffle).
    -Added Triggerbot(Shotgun).
    -Fixed Jump bug.
    -Fixed XTrap bypass detect.
    -Fixed Sniper(trigger)-crash.
    -Fixed Riffle(trigger).
    -Fixed Shotgun(trigger).
    -Disabled Free-VIP.
    -Fixed Launcher bug.
    -Uploaded new Launcher.
    -Fixed many Launcher bugs.
    -Fixed all h4cks.
    -Fixed Jump bug.
    -Deleted Room h4cks.
    -Deleted Bullet h4cks.
    -Updated all.
    -Fixed auto-jump bug.
    -Updated Launcher.

    RoomTool Commands:
    /set_TDM_score = Set the Score limit
    /set_TDM_player = Set the Player limit
    /set_TDM_time = Set the Time limit
    /set_ZM_round = Set the Player limit
    /set_ELI_round = Set the Round limit
    /set_ELI_time = Set the Time limit
    /set_ELI_player = Set the Player limit
    /set_CTB_point = Set the Point limit
    /set_CTB_player = Set the Player limit
    /set_ELI_player = Set the Player limit
    /set_FFA_score = Set the Score limit
    /set_FFA_time = Set the Time limit
    /set_FFA_player = Set the Player limit
    Room Tool works only on Windows7/Vista/XP.

    Download: download/z3c72aw7xpnsi2d/CryHax+Engine.rar




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    Re: [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2

    Mensagem por gabriel65 em Sab Out 26, 2013 6:39 pm

    ei n pega mais esse hack n?


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    Re: [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2

    Mensagem por NinClanIsHere em Seg Dez 16, 2013 6:36 pm

    Hi, im here because, i like the hack but, when i try to put a hack, the MicroVolts Crash, i dont know why, if the admin can answer this, answer please :3  Like a Star @ heaven


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    Re: [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2

    Mensagem por ada73ada em Seg Fev 10, 2014 6:40 pm



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    Re: [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2

    Mensagem por Hack4Ever em Dom Abr 27, 2014 3:55 pm

    ty thank you too much


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    Re: [Release] CryHax Engine 2.2

    Mensagem por camina321 em Qua Jul 02, 2014 7:07 pm

    Error: login not found

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